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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take me to achieve my goals?
A: With my help, your back injury will take an average of 4 months to heal.  Depending on the goals you set and the severity of the injury it can take more or less time.  Compare that to chiropractic care or typical physical therapy. You would go to them for years and still not resolve your pain or heal.  Regardless of the severity of the injury or your goals, once you have procured my services I will stick with you until your goals have been reached.
We will go at your pace and I will encourage you every step of the way.
Q: My doctor tells me my only option now is surgery.  How can you be so sure that I can eliminate my pain without surgery?
A: If you consider the studies on outcomes for people with chronic low back pain the prognosis is poor with or without surgery.  But there is a method that is safe and very predictable in effect of symptom relief and when followed properly will lead to full resolution of all symptoms.  For more information please visit here
Q:I have had surgery but still have severe pain.  Can you help me?
A:Yes, though we can never be certain to what extent the surgery itself prevents healing, we can often find a way to substantially reduce or abolish your symptoms.  The initial evaluation will make it clear to me how successful our chances of meeting your goals are.  If I do not believe the goals you wish to achieve can be met I will tell you.

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